White Ops, Ad Fraud, and AWS

“Verifying the humanity of more than one trillion interactions every week”

Case Study: White Ops Uses AWS to Help Customers Stop Ad Fraud

Broad brushstrokes of the case in Summary

According to a 2017 Juniper Research report, Advertising Fraud is estimated to be worth nearly $51,000,000/day… that’s $51 million with yes… six zeros. White Ops has set out to rid the world of a pretty nefarious crime.

Advertising Fraud | Ad-Fraud represents

  • Ad Impressions – Your Ads listed in an invisible container (pixel) that holds the ad
  • Clicks – Any attempt to navigate to the URL being clicked
  • Conversions – Clicking the Ad and buying/using the product or service

As White Ops defines it, Advertising Fraud, otherwise known as Ad-Fraud is the practice of fraudulently representing ad impressions, clicks, and conversions. Their solutions rapidly detect whether ad impressions are generated by humans or bots.

White Ops wants to:

  • End Ad-Fraud by optimizing the most powerful EC2 Instance Types
  • Meet customer latency requirements while processing 150 billion transactions/day |1 million queries per second using TWO SERVERS
  • Respond to threats within minutes or hours versus days

White Ops accomplished:

  • Doubling its business growth because of the scalability of AWS
  • Profitable in three years because of the ability to drive down cost
  • An onboarding of 50 new customers annually by scaling up and then back down upon the completion of the project

What’s the problem again?

How White Ops Fixed It

Using an API service, MediaGuard, along other applications, helps ad exchanges stop fraud before millions of revenue is lost. There is a window for stopping ad-fraud. This is called the “profit window.” This window is more or less the time in between starting the crime of Ad-Fraud and when it’s found out by the adversaries.

As a startup, White Ops set out to protect online advertisers and…they actually did.

It ALL comes down to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Because AWS allows the engineers to focus on the business problem, they can instead dive down below looking for the answer. With engineers hired to solve the business problems and instead of dealing with troublesome infrastructure, White Ops uses 10-millisecond latencies to ensure detection and stoppage from bots.