Free and Paid Resources with tips for CompTIA’s Network+ Exam

Having recently passed the CompTIA Network + N10-007 Certification examination, I’m going to give you the “boots-on-the-ground” answers you’ve been looking for when it comes to passing this test. My first disclaimer would be that if you’re looking to pass this exam and get a million job offers automatically, you’re looking at the wrong test. However, this exam will demonstrate a complete foundational level of understanding that no other exam seems to address.

Keeping this in mind, you’ll note that the exam covers nearly every aspect of Networking and builds upon the fundamentals learned in CompTIA’s A+ certification. Second, no single source is going to give each individual the perfect study methods or guarantee you a pass. There is an incredible amount of material to cover, and each person or institution providing guidance and information adds additional layers of confidence and security in ultimately passing.

If you’re not willing to pay money to learn the material or it’s just hard times, keep reading as there are several free sources I’m confident can help you bridge the knowledge gap and learn Networking. If you’re willing to pay a few hundred dollars, you’re going to find learning this material may be more comfortable, and performing labs and exercises will build your confidence in a way many of the “freebies” don’t. Again, this post’s purpose is to inform you of your options and illustrate how best to navigate getting to the magical score report that says PASS for your CompTIA N10-007 Network+ certification.

Free sources:

Paid sources:

With a small team of IT Professionals, Computer Engineers, Cyber Security Engineers, and Military Intelligence verifying my work, I can promise you that the Network+ Study Guide by Green Acres Technology is going to be a fantastic additional source. Why? All of these sources are either way too long or just also abbreviated. Some sources are great videos, but not everyone learns only from video or just from reading. I painstakingly put together a great in-between product that is being reviewed by industry professionals to ensure that you could find a source that would both supplement all of these other great sources but give you an additional perspective, my own. I think hearing it from someone who is going through this just like you gives you hope that you can too pass this exam and further your career in IT or Cyber Security.

I heard from someone who took the exam days before my attempt tell me, “This exam is one mile wide, and one inch deep”, and they couldn’t be closer to the truth. Passing this exam comes down to using good study habits, setting reasonable goals, and not just cramming one week before by using practice tests and praying for a PASS. Your win will come from absorbing the knowledge, understanding the content, and being able to answer the situations individually as if you were the administrator or IT professional. Additionally, the performance-based questions you’re going to get on this exam point to your ability to quickly understand the task at hand and how you at Tier 1 handle it. Troubleshooting, ticket management, cable management, IPAM, subnets, and supernets are all in play. It’s fair to say that you should be a well-rounded technician walking through the door before someone lets you start playing on their corporate network, and this exam will prepare you for that.

Good luck on your IT journey and enjoy learning about a variety of applicable, relevant topics that will undoubtedly enable you to enjoy a future rewarded with love for what you do alongside financial freedom.